Sustainability is the fundamental principle of SPRAWLDEF.   For humans to survive and enjoy and thrive in the global and local Bay Area environment, we must create an environment that nutures our species. We cannot exploit the earth, its resources and wildlife with abandon, SPRAWLDEF fights for a human environment that includes protection and enhancement of our wildlife and their habitats, that limits our footprint through recycling and compact growth around urban transit centers, that expands and protects habitat and wildlife through acquisition of parks and open space, and that links wildlife and habitat through wildlife and habitat corridors instead of fragmenting them.

         Parks protect open space, wildlife, and habitat, reserving land for conservation and recreational use, and offering solace from the stresses of “modern” life.

         Recycling conserves resources and energy, prevents undeveloped land being filled with garbage, and thereby makes our economic and our environment  more sustainable.

         Wildlife preservation and enhancement goes beyond simply creating open space, but includes protecting and enhancing native habitat and wildlife from human activity and offers a safe haven and migratory pathways for wildlife within the shadow of our urban environment. 

         SPRAWLDEF seeks to protect habitat and wildlife so that future generations can experience our wild habitats.