SPRAWLDEF is the Sustainability, Parks, Recycling, and Wildlife Legal Defense Fund

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SPRAWLDEF is a non-profit corporation created to take on environmental issues that others cannot or would not pursue. It is primarily focused on legal action. It has successfully sued agencies and cities over misguided landfill projects and development projects. A major focus of its work is on creating and protecting wildlife corridors in our urban environment to ensure wildlife can have access to the public park lands to survive and thrive.  SPRAWLDEF seeks to redress the imbalance created by the massive human footprint on the environment and the fragile state of our wildlife and habitat caught under that footprint.

SPRAWLDEF’s mission includes ensuring environmental justice for all people. The recent events concerning the murders of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery and the protests here in the Bay Area, nationally and worldwide, have revealed how deep bias exists in police departments. In the Bay Area, SPRAWLDEF President Norman La Force has sent a letter to the East Bay Regional Park District to take action in responding to the events so park users can have confidence that the Park District Police Department is committed to environmental justice.  Read the letter.